You just say it and your wish will be fulfilled

We provide flexible and comprehensive travel services with the highest standards that are accompanied by friendly approach to fulfill all your needs and wishes.


Let me share with you some true “stories to give you the best pictures of how extensive and flexible are my services. Everything described in these short "stories", we arranged.

  • For a special corporate meeting in Prague, we have organized a tour of the Strahov Library with a personal guide. Unlike regular visitors we had access to the main hall, where we were prepared for the exclusive entertainment in the form of champagne and snacks that our guests have compounded the already extraordinary experience.

  • To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of a company; we have organized special event, that included a tasting selection of rums. All day we worked so hard that we have not noticed that just on that particular evening a “prohibition” has been declared. Thanks to this small and truly unexpected “surprise” the event took place exactly as planned.

  • For very important car dealers we have prepared a special event, which consisted of the tour using third largest private collection of vintage cars in the world and the subsequent visit the historical Karlstejn castle. Part of the transport arrangements was a bus which seemed (purposely) not to want to move after gentlemen finished visiting the collection. So the gentlemen had to manually push the bus. “Suddenly” a convoy of shiny veteran vehicles arrived. All gentlemen boarded with great pleasure and enthusiasm and arrived to Karlstejn in style.

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Distribution of the categories is for reference only.
We treat all the clients strictly individually.

  • Individuals


    We shall meet any of your requirements from the “sea view” to a detailed plan for a journey around the world.

  • Groups


    For your holidays that you plan to spend together with friends we shall arrange everything from mountain bikes to a joint accommodation in a villa on the coast.

  • Corporate


    For your corporate or business meetings (or conferences) we shall provide all kind of services from morning coffee through an entertainment program to a specially arranged Congress Hall anywhere in the world.

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Why especially Mercandia?

Range of our services is almost unlimited. We shall arrange for you any travel, vacation or business meeting to the smallest detail. We shall plan and prepare for you a “tailor made” and the highest quality program or itinerary to make sure that it perfectly fulfills all your expectations. In addition, we shall arrange everything from the air, train, bus tickets through events’ ticket to all the necessary visas.

We shall respond within 24 hours after your message is received